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Do you have any plus sized blogs you recommend?

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I am pretty much obsessed with anything and everything that Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings produce so I would recommend checking out their blogs. Below is a list of blogs that I follow:



















Thanks love!

I think Crisis Text Line would be a great resource for your readers. Young people can text and get help from trained volunteer counselors. The organization is also looking for volunteers.

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Thanks for sharing this with me & my readers. Just watched the TED Talk. Fantastic.


If you need help/support, TEXT “LISTEN” TO 741-741. You can text them about anything

Additional resources: www.crisistextline.org/get-help-now/


#musemodel @denisebidot opened the #Chromat #madefw #ss15 show, and gave me SO MUCH LIFE. I never even use that phrase but that is all I can say about that moment. Here she is leading the final walk. #chromatparty #plusmodel

Shoutout to my girl Denise! Big win for body diversity today


#musemodel @denisebidot opened the #Chromat #madefw #ss15 show, and gave me SO MUCH LIFE. I never even use that phrase but that is all I can say about that moment. Here she is leading the final walk. #chromatparty #plusmodel

Shoutout to my girl Denise! Big win for body diversity today

Hey Heather, I read you were coming to London this autumn! I'll be moving to the UK in two weeks to study there (Creative Writing) and might do some parttime modelling (curvy at Hughes) :) I absolutely love your photos!! Will you be doing tests while you're in London? x

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Hey! How awesome! I definitely will be shooting in London Sept 19 - Oct 11. :) Email me (heatherhazzan at gmail dot com)!

First off, i just want to say that you are a truly amazing person. You're inner beauty shines through you so perfectly. The advice you give to your fans and admirers is so thoughtful, caring and positive. Therefore i would highly consider any advice you give since you seem like such a selfless caring individual. What advice would you give for someone who's trying to find like minded individuals, who feels so out of place at times? I want to express myself and feel the love i know i can give...

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Sigh. Thank you so very much. Your words really hit me.

I’ve been waiting to respond to you for a while. Because frankly, I wonder the same thing. As a shy and intense person, I’ve rarely made good friends easily (I’ve always had quality over quantity). Oh and I, uh, feel out of place most times.

With that said, the only advice I can give is to DO YOU and do so unabashedly. You won’t find like-minded individuals if you pretend to be normal, average, or someone you’re just not. It’s a sure-fire way to be surrounded by people who just. don’t. get. it. 

We have to be honest about what we’re into — and then go do that, go share that. We have to try different things that interest us — no matter what they are. We have to be willing to let our guards down, stay open minded, and be in the present.

Go ahead and express yourself now, because I’ve found that when you do so from a true place, the right people are attracted to and flock to that sort of honesty.

I like asking people what they’re passionate about, what makes them tick, what their dreams are, what their story is. I usually end up finding that we are all more alike than we think.

I’m also not completely opposed to meet-up sites. There’s definitely something for everyone; I, um, once went to a bar in Brooklyn that played Breaking Bad. :P

Also, let’s meet up!

If you find any other tips, let me know. <3 

I don't mean to be annoying or nosey, but I struggle with body dysmorphia and so I feel the need to ask questions regarding my image to make sure I am thinking rational...I look at you and I see beauty and the type of feminine, healthy, lean body I want! If it's not too much to ask could you post your measurements and also your thigh measurement? that's the body part I struggle with most...you are so so so amazing.

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Do you now what feeds body dysmorphia and eating disorders? Numbers.

My measurements are not going to be your measurements. And that is a gorgeous thing. <3

My measurements are whatever is the result of being my own personal healthy. It does not include me thinking I need to be the measurements of someone else for them to be deemed okay.