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"I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about food. I’ve spent a lot of my career trying to break down some of the negative forces that the media exerts on women in trying to control their body image. So for me it felt very anathema to who I am to admit that I, too, have struggled with the concept of perfection, and I think it’s something we’re all dealing with everyday.

When you love your job, and you love what you do, and you’re engaged, you really feel like a tool being put to its proper use. Suddenly you think of food as fuel and you think of it as a way to get to where you need to go and less your demise.” - Lena Dunham on ABC

Hi heather, I have been recovering from anorexia for two years already. I do eat spontaneously and healthy and workout. But mentally I do not love myself yet. My body keeps on gaining weight and it is driving me crazy! I feel like my face Is all puffed up! There is really no reason for my body to gain weight! I am very aware of what I eat and it just doesn't make sence! My face has changed and I don't feel pretty anymore while I used to when I was thin😥 please help me!!!!

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My body and habits recovered significantly faster than my mind and soul. I, too, did not understand why I was still gaining weight. I hated the look of my puffy face (I’ve had many girls ask me about this). I went to 13 doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. It’s not uncommon

Now I know my body was trying to save itself. And that, my friend, is epically beautiful. 

Your body must still be in the Figuring Shit Out Stage of recovery. The way I see it, because the body is still terrified that you will go back to starving yourself, it holds on to the calories. It takes time for weight to be distributed evenly and figure out its happy, natural place. The way to speed this up is prove to your body that you are completely healthy, that you will never go back to your destructive ways. Listen to your body and give it what it really wants. Don’t turn against it. IT WILL EVEN OUT. Mine sure did. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. 

Hi Heather. I am moving to a new city in a couple of weeks and starting a new job. And I'm TERIFIDE!!!!! How do you deal with new beginnings? New people? I never had a boyfriend and I hope to find one there... There is just so much pressure on this move... New friends, a boyfriend, the independence and life in the big city... HELP MEEEEEEE

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Whenever I have butterflies, I know I am doing something right.

You’re taking a risk! You’re experiencing something new! This is wondrous! Go to this big city with an open mind and open soul. Don’t go there to check off things like, “Find a boyfriend,” or “Meet new friends.” Expose yourself to different things you’re interested in, and let what surfaces, surface organically. You don’t know what other glorious things you could be missing out on, if you only focus on your checklist. Release your expectations. Release the pressure. Relish in change, in progress. You are tasting more out of this life! Find solace in that.