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Alright, I'm going to admit. I bought a maternity dress off ASOS the other day. I couldn't resist, it was my dream summer dress. Then I just got it altered and viola! You couldn't even tell. I think it's important for all gals, especially curvy ones, to remember that alterations are your best friend for getting the perfect fit. So my question is, for us curvy girls, what shapes should we avoid to not look pregnant? (Minus my contradicting purchase, hehe)

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I love it! Well I got to admit I’ve definitely had my eye on some maternity pieces.. they are just so flattering - hahaaa! :-P And PS I love ASOS. Have you checked out their curve section? Amazing! And I love how you got it altered! Catering the clothes to your body instead of the other way around is definitely the way to go. :) 

Anyway, I don’t necessarily like to shun out any clothes. I’m not a fan of all the rules out there for curvy girls, because what-the-heck! we can look great in horizontal stripes, bright colors, etc. The only thing I stay away from are those tops that were popular a few years ago where they are smallest right under the breasts and flare out form there. It screams maternity… even on a size 2!